She’s Back…

I’m back!!

After taking a brief hiatus from my practice to concentrate on getting married (eek!) I am now back in full artistic swing and ready to get STUCK IN TO SOME SERIOUS CREATIVE SHIZZLE.

Two things to note:

First of all, name change! Having wedded myself to my gorgeous new wife, I am now Elizabeth Hindle. The old web address will still work, but I have now added a shiny new domain of

For ease of continuation, my collaboration with the illustrious Michael Ridge will remain as Ridge & Scrase.

Secondly…ZINE update!!

Whilst away from blogging earlier this year I released my first solo zine, Untitled (April 2015). This is an eight-page, full colour zine printed onto sugar paper, measuring approx. 15 x 7 cm. The zine contains a series of miniature collages composed of found imagery, text and embroidery, all based on the idea of a perceived identity, or lack thereof.

This zine was officially released in April 2015 but copies are still available; for further info drop me an email at