The Experiment.

So, months after buying our gorgeous new camera (a G7x if you’re wondering, and it is a sexy little thing), I read the User Guide. Until now I have been unashamedly relying on my camera’s auto and pre-programmed settings, but decided it was time to try ‘going manual’, in the hope of producing some artistic results. Now anyone will tell you – I’m not a professional photographer and aside from completing half (yes, half) of a Photography GCSE I don’t really know what I’m doing with a camera. But that half (yes, half) a GCSE did inspire within me a compelling love and appreciation for artistic photography that I’ve never quite gotten out of my mind.

Thus, I read the User Guide, as well as a few quick online tutorials re. manual digital photography. More specifically, I read about shutter speed: I have always wanted to experiment with motion blur and now my gorgeous new camera (whom I have named Dave) allowed me to do just that. Which is how I came to be sitting on my bedroom floor last night, rapidly shaking my head back and forth and screaming at poor Dave on his tripod while he captured it all at varying shutter speeds. Apparently yes, this is what I do with my Monday evenings.

I found a 1s exposure to be the most effective for what I was trying to produce, and was struck by just how much difference a fraction of a second could make, which has now got me all excited for further experimenting. A quick upload to the Mac (Mr George Macintosh to you), a little bit of tweaking & editing and hey presto! I found what I was looking for:

Of course, it had to be self-portraiture (oh when will I stop searching for myself?) and of course, it had to be creepy. Of course.

I’ve had these images in my mind for a long time now but materialising them came out way better than I had hoped. They’re crude, it’s true, and easily recreated, but they were an experiment and dare I say it, a successful one which could lead to places if I let it. They say what I want them to say and (hopefully) reflect the haunting that I want them to reflect. They are a complete surrender of identity, are violent and uncomfortable to look at, and they make you want to turn away and run in the other direction…


…and all just in time for Halloween!!