Girl takes photos, wraps record.

Give an artist a camera, send her into a forest for a week and add in that it’s-2am-and-I’m-bored feeling and what do you get? Experimental shots of random leaves of course!:

Not sure where these came from – god knows what else comes out of my mind at 2am – but having begun experimenting with my G7x (Dave) , I find I’m ‘on a roll’. Who knew I could do all this with my beautiful camera??



I admit I am a bit obsessed with B&W photography at the mo and I’m pleased with how these turned out – the detail that the camera picked up is immense. The sheer weight of the darkness on the leaves is disquieting in its ability to turn something fragile into something powerful, and heavy.

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In other exciting news, I have once again teamed up with the awesome Michael Ridge to produce a special edition Macrame record:

This piece is based on a concept I experimented with back in April, playing with the idea of transforming one object into another, and in the process of doing so eradicating its usefulness for its initial purpose. The piece will be on display tomorrow at the Norwich DIY record fair:

Norwich DIY Record Fair 2015

Awesome, right?

So, to end this post here’s a photo of a beautiful starry sky just for fun. Because, who doesn’t need a star photo in their lives right now ??


I love you Dave.