Look Up and See

New collage! This piece is different from my other collages in two ways: firstly, it’s the first collage that I’ve used paint with, and secondly it’s the only collage so far that I haven’t completed in one sitting. The process of piecing this one together was difficult and it took a lot of experimentation to get the elements together in the right ‘order’ – I think at first I was overthinking it just a tad too much, possibly because the idea/inspiration/narrative (none of those are the right words…what is the right word??) stuck in my head while I was making it was waaaaay personal. I also had a lot of issues with the colours of the piece and trying to put the right depth to it – so after sitting in my studio frazzled for several hours I walked away (we just need some space darling – it’s not you, it’s me), left it for a night, came back the next day, whipped out some blue paint and voila! A new collage is born and all is right with the world:

Sleepy Hollow

I’m really pleased with how this came out – there was definitely more of a distinct thought process with the making of this one but I don’t think the piece suffers for it at all and in this case, with the adding of the blue paint, I think it has made the image stronger than it otherwise would have been.