Today I’m showing something a little bit different – part of a sneaky side-project I’ve been working on:

I made a similar piece to this, “Scream”, a couple of years ago for the Juxtaposed gallery exhibition, though unfortunately was never able to take any decent photographs before it went off gallivanting to merry old London (capturing white on white is not as easy as you might think…). But with a little help from a friend (you know the guy I’m on about…) we managed to capture this newest piece in all its  glory.


I love the idea of creating a sort of ‘visual whisper’ – a subtle, carefully-made utterance of something powerful, all-consuming and ultimately painful to acknowledge; a kind of forced confession I suppose. What makes it even more powerful (I hope) is the absence of any further explanation from the image – what is unspeakable? Why is it unspeakable? And why is it attempting to neatly camouflage itself into a bizarre, pristine embroidery?



I want to create something uncomfortable that you don’t want to see but can’t look away from. Something that provokes without permission, treading ever-so-lightly on the cobwebs of locked-up memories and thrusting them to the forefront of your mind…

More to follow this one for sure – this s something I’m definitely going to take further.

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